Research Interests

Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

  • Dynamics in systems far from equilibrium: Domain growth problems, Persistence and First-passage problems in many-body systems, Stochastic processes.
  • Nonequilibrium Steady-state problems : Fluctuating interfaces, Asymmetric exclusion process, Zero-range process, Mass transport models, self-organized criticality in sandpile models.

Functionals of Brownian Motion

Statistical properties and their applications in physics and computer science.

Sorting and Search Algorithms in Computer Science

Understanding the asymptotic properties of random structures such as search trees in computer science using methods of statistical physics.

Extreme Value Statistics

The probability distribution of the maximum of a set of correlated random variables with applications in Random Matrices, Fluctuating Interfaces, Longest Increasing Subsequence Problem and a class of Sequence Matching problems in biology.

Random Matrix Theory and its Applications

Applications of random matrix theory in cold atom systems, mesoscopic transport, linear statistics, Tracy-Widom distribution and large deviations of extreme eigenvalues, Yang-Mills gauge theory, third order phase transitions etc.

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