Reviews and Lectures Notes




  • (3) S.N. Majumdar, « Random Matrices, the Ulam Problem, Directed Polymers & Growth Models,  and Sequence Matching », Les Houches lecture notes for the summer school on « Complex Systems » (Les Houches, July 2006, organized by M. M\`ezard and J-P. Bouchaud)


  • (4) S.N. Majumdar, « Real-space Condensation in Stochastic Mass Transport Models »,
    Les Houches lecture notes for the summer school on « Exact Methods in Low-dimensional Statistical Physics and Quantum Computing »
    (Les Houches, July 2008), ed. by J. Jacobsen, S. Ouvry, V. Pasquier, D. Serban and L.F. Cugliandolo and published by the Oxford University Press (2010).


  • (5) S.N. Majumdar, « Universal First-passage Properties of Discrete-time Random Walks and Levy Flights on a Line: Statistics of the Global Maximum and Records »,
    Lecture notes for the summer school « Fundamental Problems in Statistical Physics: XII » held at Leuven, Belgium (2009) and published in Physica A, 389, 4299 (2010).


  • (6) S.N. Majumdar, « Extreme Eigenvalues of Wishart Matrices: Application to Entangled Bipartite System », a chapter in the book  » Handbook of Random Matrix Theory »
    (ed. by G. Akemann, J. Baik and P. Di Francesco and forwarded by F.J. Dyson), published by Oxford University Press (2011).


  • (7) A. J. Bray, S.N. Majumdar, and G. Schehr, «  Persistence and first-passage properties in nonequilibrium systems », Adv. in Phys. v-62, 225-361 (2013). PDF


  • (8) G. Schehr and S.N. Majumdar, « Exact record and order statistics of random walks via
    first-passage ideas », arXiv: 1305.0639, in the special volume « First-Passage Phenomena and Their Applications », Eds. R. Metzler, G. Oshanin, S. Redner. World Scientific (2013). PDF


  • (9) S.N. Majumdar and G. Schehr,  « Top eigenvalue of a random matrix: large deviations and third order phase transition », J. Stat. Mech. P01012 (2014). [review based on my plenary talk at STATPHYS-25 (Seoul, South Korea, July, 2013). PDF


  • (10) C. Godreche, S.N. Majumdar and G. Schehr, « Record statistics of a strongly correlated time-series: Random Walks and Levy Flights », topical review  in J. Phys. A: Math. Theor.  50,  333001 (2017) .  PDF


  • (11) D. S. Dean, P. Le Doussal, S. N. Majumdar, and G. Schehr, « Noninteracting fermions in a trap and random matrix theory », J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. v-52, 144006 (2019).  PDF


  • (12) S.N. Majumdar and G. Schehr, « Large deviations », a brief pedagogical review (written for ICTS newsletter 2017, volume 3, issue 2).  PDF


  • (13) S.~N. Majumdar, A. Pal, G. Schehr, « Extreme value statistics of correlated random variables: A pedagogical review », Phys. Rep. v-840, 1 (2020).  PDF



Lecture Notes

  • (2) lecture notes for summer school « Complex Systems » (Les Houches, 2006) on the « Tracy-Widom distribution in random matrices and applications »
  •  (4) lecture notes for summer school « Exact Methods in Low-dimensional statistical physics and quantum computing » (Les Houches, 2008) on « Real-space Condensation in Mass Transport Models »
  • (6) Subhramanyam Chandrasekhar lectures as part of the international conference « Random Matrix theory and applications », held at International Center for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore, India, January, 2012. (get the pdf files of three  lectures by majumdar)
  • (7) Lecture notes on « Extreme Value Statistics of Correlated Random Variables » based on 2 lectures given at the Galileo Galilei Institute (Florence, Italy, May 2014)) during the workshop on « Advances in Nonequilibrium Systems » (notes were taken  by Arnab Pal). PDF

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